Forward Nigeria: Transparency and Citizen Engagement

Transparency is the most important disinfectant to corruption, and citizen engagement ensures quality decision-making. Vitalis is committed to rooting out corruption in Nigeria and will subject himself the highest level of scrutiny.


Vitalis will utilize new technology to ensure transparency of his constituency funds and projects. Every kobo of his constituency allocation and constituency project will be digitally tracked from allocation, transfer, expenditure, and evaluation.

Every constituency project and contract will go through a competitive bidding process of issuing a public bid with the intent that companies and organizations will put together their best proposal and compete for a specific project. All phases of Jos North and Bassa Constituency projects and contracts will also be subject to quarterly digital reporting online.

Vitalis will also work to ensure that Nigeria codifies by law competitive bidding requirement for every government agency to issue competitive and open bid for every contract.

Open government is about creating transparency, trust, and engagement with the Nigerian public. Today, with 103 million of the Nigerian public on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly clear that building open government will start online. Forward Nigeria: Transparency will not only provide public information, but also develops civic engagement, open the decision-making process online, and take advantage of today’s technology trends.

Create Constituency Advisory Councils

Vitalis will create two Constituency Advisory Councils that will target different constituent groups in the district.

  • A Youth Advisory Council composed of youths in Constituency that will provide Vitalis with their perspective on youth related issues and meaningful input into the decision-making process.
  • A Constituency Leadership Advisory Council which will be made up of religious leaders, business leaders, and ethnic association presidents who will advise Vitalis on capital infrastructure, community development, and budget priorities.

Create a Your Government Initiative 

Vitalis is committed to bringing government back into your neighborhood.

  • As part of his “Your Government Initiative”, Vitalis plans to institute a Visit with Vitalis Monthly Series. Through the Visit with Vitalis Monthly Series, he will hold monthly meeting at local mosques, churches, restaurants, and schools.
  • In addition, Vitalis will also establish neighborhood office hours to provide constituents with more opportunities to meet with him and staff outside of regular office hours in their own community.