Peace + Ethnic Relationships

Peace in Plateau State is a must and not a choice! Vitalis is committed to working tirelessly to revitalize a harmonious Plateau State to its landmark statues as the Home of Peace and Tourism.

One Love Ambassador Program

Vitalis will spearhead the creation of the One Love Ambassador Program to address ethnic relationships. Using the Inter-Faith Path to Peace model, Vitalis will bring people of different faiths, cultures, and philosophies together for the purpose of interfaith understanding and social justice based on the principles of peace.  Inter-Faith Path to Peace will strive to accomplish this, working with international partners such as the United States Institute of Peace and the Center for Peace and Politics through the three pathways of educating, peacemaking, and collaborating.  The vision is to leave a more peaceful Plateau and Nigeria for future generations.

Peace Building Programs

Vitalis will fund Peace Building Programs to train citizens on the United States -Center for Disease Control (CDC) public health approach to violence prevention, Suicide Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Mental Health first aid and community organizing/advocacy. The program will encourage and support ambassadors in the community in organizing neighborhood violence prevention activities such as community events, information and knowledge sharing. The program includes:

  1. Defining and Monitoring the Problem
  2. Identifying Risk and Protective Factors
  3. Developing and Testing Prevention Strategies
  4. Assuring Widespread Adoption of the Program