Business + Community Development

Vitalis will focus his energy using his experience to recruit New Anchor Businesses to Jos North and Bassa. He will work with community and business leaders to create an environment that will stimulate economic development in the area to ensure a revitalized Plateau State economy.

Economic Development

As a Member of the Federal House of Representatives, Vitalis’ top priorities will be to work with every Member to find ways to stimulate economic development in Nigeria. He will work to attract foreign investment to harness Plateau State’s natural and agricultural resources. He will work in partnership to establish the Plateau State Innovation and Technology Center that would become Nigeria’s Innovation Business Hub.

Business Support

Vitalis will support businesses and entrepreneurs in Jos – Bassa, by partnering with both domestic and foreign organizations to create and sponsor programs that will provide mentoring and business workshops. We would find ways, to bridge the digital literacy divide for entrepreneurs from low income background that would expand their reach and offer their products to the global market.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Vitalis is committed to partnering with multi-national organizations, local financial institution, and community leaders to developed programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses by providing:

  1. Constituency Grants – funds will be set aside annually to support and fund women entrepreneurs
  2. Access to Capital – affordable loans through Community Lenders and international partners such as KIVA
  3. Entrepreneurial Education – work with partners such as Goldman Sachs and Nigerian banks to provide women small-business owners with business and management education
  4. Mentoring and Networking Opportunities – work to facilitate networking opportunities for women to network with business leaders and other entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their enterprises